The EveryDay Book - Tomoe River Paper - Set of 3 - Pocket Size

Introducing our new fountain pen friendly paper pocket sized notebooks! These are perfect as a standalone travel pocket journal or notebook for recording all your special memories and ideas, or as pocket journal refills for our best selling Pocket Notebook Covers.


Our specially crafted pocket size notebook refills are made of Tomoe River 52 gsm white paper, known as the best fountain pen friendly paper. Each pocket journal notebook is hand-bound and contains 128 pages.


  • Set of 3
  • Each pocket size notebook features 64 blank sheets (128 pages in total)
  • Hand-bound from Tomoe River 52 gsm white paper
  • Includes grid and lined guides
  • Includes blotter (also can be used as a writing mat for comfortable writing)
  • Comes with a zippered canvas bag
  • 90 x 140 mm (3,54 x 5,51 inches) Field Notes size
  • Fits in the pocket-size Traveler's Notebook
  • Other available sizes include B5, B6, B7A5 padpassport, A5 size and regular.

Tomoe River Paper

The 52gsm paper is incredibly thin, and very fountain pen friendly. This paper shows off the sheen and shimmer in inks unlike any other paper can do. 

Our Tomoe River paper is the same Tomoe River paper that's used in the Hobonichi Techo.  We use the same 52 gsm paper as the Hobonichi.

Fountain pen enthusiasts who favor shading ink, those that create subtle color gradations as ink is laid on the paper, will appreciate how the paper shows off subtle color variations. Sheening inks also perform well as pools of color will sit on the surface of the paper and when dry will create the reflective look so many fountain pen users love. It’s important to be patient and let the paper fully dry to prevent smudging, especially when using sheening or metallic inks. Click here to read our blog post about Tomoe River Paper

Tomoe River Paper Writing Samples

tomoe river writing sample
tomoe river writing sample

For the guide sheets, thanks to the Well-Appointed Desk.For the images, thanks to the @writetomeoften.

Pocket size

The pocket-size is mostly known for the Field Notes brand. It was inspired by the promotional notebooks and pocket-ledgers used by farmers.